Compatible Apps

The Cosmo Laser show you in the sky where your phone is pointing.
This task works with any apps.
In this page we present a short selection of our favorite astronomy apps we consider of good quality, nice looking and reliable.

Each app have its pro and con depending of your taste but they all point star and celestial object in the sky.
Most of them for iPhone and Android for free.

Sky View

This app have basic functions but a very pleasant visual effect : when you point the star it shines !
Using the Cosmo Laser with Sky View is really impressive.
You point with your phone, the star shines and the laser beam crosse the sky to touch it.
Perfect for beginners.

Free Lite version
Android and iPhone

Star Walk

This informative and visual app will show you what you are looking at in the sky. It also displays a virtual map of the constellations visible in the direction you point your tablet or smartphone. Plenty of other features will help you take your game to the next level.

Free Lite version
Android and iPhone

Star Chart

Put a virtual star chart in your pocket. Just point the app to the sky to find out what you are looking at. This free app is all that many casual stargazers with will need to explore the night sky.

Free App with InApp
Android and iPhone

Sky Map

The Sky version of Google Earth! Pointing feature to identify the stars and planets in the sky, displays constellations and a picture gallery.

Free App by Google
Android only

Your smartphone must be equipped at least with compass in order to point in the sky.
Always check calibration of the compass before starting theses apps to get reliable pointing.