Does the Cosmo Laser work for any app

Yes, the Cosmo Laser can be used with any app and any phone.
The Cosmo Laser points in the sky where your phone is oriented.
Any astronomy app can be used on any phone.

My app is not pointing correctly

The accuracy of the pointing comes from your phone.
Before starting your app, be sure that the magnetometer is properly calibrated.

I can’t recognize the star I’m pointing to

Under a very clear night sky, you may be disoriented with the number of stars.
Start pointing brillant stars and avoid important zoom of the sky on your app.
The scale of the sky on the screen and reality shall be similar to make pointing more easy for beginners.
CosmoStory apps do not use zoom to keep appropriate scaling during your stargazing.

Can children use the laser

5mW Green laser have to be use with caution and shall not be given to children without careful supervision.
Avoid any pointing on object and limit the use when pointing in the sky.

Why a lock position ?

To avoid accident we designed a lock position for the laser. By rotating the laser pointer on the lock position you avoid any possibility to switch it on.
Use the lock position when you give the Cosmo Laser to someone else or transport it.
During storage or long transportation we recommend to remove the batteries.

My delivery takes too long

Goods are sent directly from China. This helps to offer you the better price.
Items are prepared within 1-2 working days and shipping takes 8-15 working days.
Contact us if your delivery exceed this time frame.

You do wholesale ?

As designer and manufacturer we do wholesale for any amount of items.
Contact us tell us more about your needs.