Touch the Stars

Ever looked up at the night sky and wondering what that shinny spot in the sky was ?
Now you can discover  the night skies with the accuracy of an astronomer, with what is already in your pocket.

After having developed more than 10 successful apps, CosmoStory created the Cosmo Laser, a laser pointer for your smartphone, to improve your stargazing experience.

est un pointeur d'étoiles à fixer sur votre smartphone
Laser pointing star
  • Find stars and planets

    Now, what you target on the center of your smartphone screen corresponds to the laser pointed in the sky.

  • What’s the name of this little one?

    Touch a planet or star with your laser and your astronomy app will display its data right in the center of your screen.
    Now the Universe is in your hands!

  • Share with your kids and family

    No more aimlessly pointing at the night sky with your finger!
    How many times did you find yourself pointing a star, saying to your mate ‘Not this one! You see this shinny one, count three stars, then go down and…’ No more !
    People around you can now enjoy stargazing following your laser!

Details of the Cosmo Laser

Today affordable low power laser pointer (5mW) lets you precisely point stars in the night sky. Cosmo Laser combines a laser pointer with a universal support to fit any smartphone working with any astronomy app.

  • Works with any astronomical app (with pointing feature)
  • Works with any smartphone (from 2 to 3 inches width)
  • Works on any location on Earth


Safety is our main concern.
Low power laser pointers are extremely useful tools but should be used with caution.
The pointer shall be pointed only in direction of the sky avoiding any animated or inanimate objects.
To prevent any involuntary action, we designed a safety lock position;
By turning the pointer to the left or the right above 90°, you will totally hide the button. This position shall be used when you do not use the Cosmo Laser, give it to someone else, transport it or store it.

Lock button for safety


Laser pointers may be harmful if misused.
Always use the Cosmo Laser responsibly and never aim it at people, pets, vehicles, aircraft, or any reflective surface.
Keep out of reach from children and use the safety mode when not in operation.

Package includes

  • Low power (5mW) laser pointer
  • Smartphone bracket with soft rubber
  • Laser grip with safety lock position

Works with 2 AAA batteries (not included in the pack)