An amazing journey through the Universe!

CosmoStory created the first audio guided tour of the sky in 2011: Nuit des Etoiles.
This successful application, ranked 2nd amongst all the applications in the French market, and is also available in english under the name Cosmos Story Vol.1.

Other applications have been issued in order to make your travel through Universe more complete.

Enjoy the sky while being led by the voice of our astronomer: he will guide you through the Universe. You will discover with your naked eyes astral bodies further and further away and even reach another galaxy.

Now with the Cosmo Laser, point even more accurately celestial at bodies to fully enjoy your app.

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Cosmos Story Vol1

Discover astral bodies further and further away.
Feel the distances like riding a ray of light.
See a galaxy with your naked eyes thanks to our professionally made pointing tool.
Even under a cloudy sky or at home you can now explore the Universe.

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Cosmos Story Lite

The Lite version of Cosmos Story has a reduced number of chapters.
You can find and point at planets and stars but you need the full version to reach star clusters and galaxies.

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Rosetta Logo by cosmostory

Find Rosetta

Be the first one to land on a comet! Like the orbiter Rosetta, approach the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and land on it like the lander Philae. Find Rosetta and the comet in the sky, follow the discoveries of this adventurous couple that might unveil how life appeared on Earth.

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